Performance-Based Hiring

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Top performers aren’t looking for just another job; they want challenges and growth. To get the best people, you need to attract them differently, which means your hiring process—your sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting—needs to change, and even how you write your job descriptions. In this course, Lou Adler, CEO and founder of the Adler Group, explains performance-based hiring, an end-to-end, four-step process for hiring top talent. Lou outlines the steps to help you expand your talent pool (sourcing), create job descriptions that deliver the highest quality applicants (screening), interview so you uncover what really leads to performance (interviewing), and make the best hiring decisions (recruiting).


Lou Adler is president of The Adler Group, an international consulting firm.

The Adler Group helps companies implement performance-based hiring. Lou is also the Amazon bestselling author of Hire With Your Head (2007), the Nightingale-Conant audio program Talent Rules! Using Performance-Based Hiring to Hire Top Talent (2007), and The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired (2013). Adler is a noted recruiting industry expert, international speaker, and columnist for a number of major recruiting and HR organization sites, including Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Staffing Management Association (SMA), ERE, LinkedIn, Kennedy Information, and He holds an MBA from UCLA and a BS in engineering from Clarkson University.

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